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Black Rattan Conservatory, Outdoor Garden Furniture, L-Shape 6 PIECE Corner Set

Black Rattan Conservatory, Outdoor Garden Furniture, L-Shape 6 PIECE Corner Set

Products Description

Materials and Craftsmanship


The frame is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, powder-coated, corrosion-resistant and rust-proof.

Seat and backrest:

The seats and backrests are made of flat wicker and come in rich colors. The colors can be customized according to customer needs. They are both beautiful and comfortable. The seat and backrest are made of resin wicker, which is extremely weather-resistant and can withstand the influence of natural environments such as sunlight and rain, maintaining its beauty and durability for a long time.

Seat cushion:

Made of high-quality polyester material, it can be disassembled and cleaned to extend its service life.

Tempered glass countertop:

The countertop is made of tempered glass, which is wear-resistant and pressure-resistant. It is easier to clean after use, which increases the practicality and beauty of the product.

Simple Design Black Aluminum Frame Sofa Set Features

Simple design:

Simple design black aluminum frame sofa set adopts a simple and modern design style, with simple and smooth lines and a stylish and elegant appearance. The black aluminum frame combined with simple lines creates a simple and elegant atmosphere that is compatible with various outdoor decoration styles.


The frame of the Simple design black aluminum frame sofa set is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, which has excellent weather resistance and corrosion resistance and can withstand the test of the outdoor environment. Guaranteed long service life. The lightweight nature of aluminum also makes the sofa set easy to move and arrange.

Comfortable seat:

The sofa set is equipped with a spacious and comfortable seat that provides comfortable sitting and back support, allowing users to relax and enjoy time outdoors.


Designed to be flexible, this sofa set is not only suitable for outdoor lounging and socializing, but also provides convenience for al fresco dining, gatherings and entertaining. The spacious seating and comfortable design make it ideal for outdoor living.

Easy to clean:

The seat cushion has a removable zippered polyester cover for easy cleaning and replacement, keeping the seat clean and hygienic. Made from easy-to-clean materials, the sofa set is easy to clean and requires little maintenance, maintaining good appearance and performance for a long time.

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